Tayota Kamri's repair since 2001
1. Operation manual and to maintenance of the car
1.1. Description of the car
1.1.1. Dimensions and new design of a body of the Camry car
1.1.2. Some design features of salon and interior of the new Camry car Ware compartment of the console of the dashboard Steering wheel Front seats Computer-controlled seats Combination of devices Dashboard and central console Glass with protection against ultra-violet radiation Glass with a water-repellent sheeting Automatic glare-free electrochromic rear-view mirror Elektorokhromny mirror element
1.1.3. Salon and the dashboard of the car – general information
1.1.4. Identification data of the car
1.1.5. Podkapotny space
1.1.6. Technical characteristics of engines
1.1.7. Filling capacities of units and systems, the recommended operational materials
1.1.8. Keys, locks of doors, hatch, anticreeping system
1.1.9. Cowl, trunk lid lever, hatch of a mouth of the fuel tank
1.1.10. Power windows of doors
1.2. Dashboard, governing bodies and combination of devices
1.3. System of heating and air conditioning
1.4. Use of the car to destination
1.5. Elimination of the malfunctions which arose in way or before a start of motion
1.6. Maintenance of the car
1.7. Tables
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Schemes of electric equipment


1-1-2-5-kombinaciya-priborov.html Combination of devices

Fig. 1.9. Appearance of a new combination of devices of the Camry car

The combination of devices with the optitronny display is offered as the standard equipment for all models (fig. 1.9) now. The Optitronny display provides excellent visibility thanks to application for production of the protective panel of acrylolayer and light-emitting diodes for illumination of scales of devices which have good brightness and have high contrast. On models in a sports complete set for highlighting amber color is accepted. The drive of arrows of devices is changed with usual electromagnetic to step electric motors. It led to increase in compactness and reduction of weight.
When giving food to a combination of devices from a battery pole the step electric motor is initialized and installed on a zero point of the indicator.
Double analog devices of big diameter are installed as the standard equipment on all models. Contrast three-dimensional scales are used. The counter of a run and the odometer are displayed on the liquid crystal monitor.

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