Tayota Kamri's repair since 2001
1. Operation manual and to maintenance of the car
1.1. Description of the car
1.1.1. Dimensions and new design of a body of the Camry car
1.1.2. Some design features of salon and interior of the new Camry car
1.1.3. Salon and the dashboard of the car – general information
1.1.4. Identification data of the car
1.1.5. Podkapotny space
1.1.6. Technical characteristics of engines
1.1.7. Filling capacities of units and systems, the recommended operational materials
1.1.8. Keys, locks of doors, hatch, anticreeping system System of blocking of the engine Wireless remote device Locking and unlocking of doors Unlocking of a trunk lid Unlocking of a trunk lid by means of a key Replacement of a battery in the wireless device of remote control Registration of an identification code Unlocking and locking of side doors by means of a key Unlocking and locking of side doors button of internal blocking Unlocking and locking by the switch of blocking of the electric drive of doors "Protection against children" device The warning system about the unblocked locks The hatch on a roof
1.1.9. Cowl, trunk lid lever, hatch of a mouth of the fuel tank
1.1.10. Power windows of doors
1.2. Dashboard, governing bodies and combination of devices
1.3. System of heating and air conditioning
1.4. Use of the car to destination
1.5. Elimination of the malfunctions which arose in way or before a start of motion
1.6. Maintenance of the car
1.7. Tables
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Schemes of electric equipment


1-1-8-2-besprovodnoe-distancionnoe-ustrojjstvo.html Wireless remote device

Fig. 1.26. Dstantsionny wireless device: 1 – LOCK switch (LOCKING); 2 – UNLOCK switch (UNLOCKING); 3 – indicator lamp; 4 – switch of opening of a trunk lid

The system of wireless remote control is developed for locking and unlocking of all doors or opening of a trunk lid from distance about 1 m from the car (fig. 1.26).
When using any switch press it slowly and carefully. At this moment the indicator lamp will blink once.
The key of the wireless remote device is an electronic component. Observe the following instructions not to cause damage of a key.
– Do not leave a key in places where temperature, for example, on the dashboard can rise.
– Do not sort a key.
– You do not knock a key in other objects and do not drop it.
– Avoid hit of a key in water.
You can use up to 4 keys of the wireless remote device for the same car. If the key of the wireless remote device does not put a door in action or does not function from normal distance or if the light indicator on a key grew dull or does not join, make the following.
– Check whether there is no radio transmitter nearby, for example, radio station or the airport which can create hindrances for normal functioning of a key.
– Perhaps, the battery was discharged. Check the battery in a key.

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