Tayota Kamri's repair since 2001
1. Operation manual and to maintenance of the car
1.1. Description of the car
1.2. Dashboard, governing bodies and combination of devices
1.3. System of heating and air conditioning
1.4. Use of the car to destination
1.4.1. The recommended fuel
1.4.2. Governing bodies and work with them
1.4.3. Information on working systems of the CAMRY car
1.4.4. Start of the engine and driving of the car Before launch of the engine Start of the engine Driving of the car in various conditions Driving of the car during the winter period Buksirvka of the trailer
1.5. Elimination of the malfunctions which arose in way or before a start of motion
1.6. Maintenance of the car
1.7. Tables
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Schemes of electric equipment


1-4-4-2-zapusk-dvigatelya.html Start of the engine

Procedure of usual start of the engine.
The multipoint system of injection of fuel / consecutive multipoint system of injection of fuel of the engine automatically regulates appropriate air-fuel mix for start. You can start the cold or hot engine as follows: Having taken away a leg from an accelerator pedal, turn a bent shaft of the engine, having turned a key in situation "START". Release it when the engine is started.
The engine should be warmed during driving, but not idling. For a warming up of the engine conduct the car smoothly on equal turns until temperature of cooling liquid of the engine does not reach normal range.
If the engine decays, Just restart it, using the corresponding procedure of usual start.

Do not turn a bent shaft of the engine during more than 30 with for once. It can lead to an overheat of a starter and system of an electrical wiring.
Do not give full gas at the cold engine.
If it is difficult to start the engine or he often becomes deaf, immediately check it.

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