Tayota Kamri's repair since 2001
1. Operation manual and to maintenance of the car
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering
6. Brake system
6.1. General information
6.2. Anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS)
6.3. Check and adjustment of elements of the brake system
6.4. Check of level of brake fluid in a tank of a hydraulic actuator of working ormozny system
6.5. Brake hoses
6.6. Adjustment of a pedal of a brake
6.7. Removal of air from a hydraulic actuator of the working brake system
6.8. Check and adjustment of the parking brake
6.9. Removal, dismantling, assembly and installation of the main brake cylinder
6.10. Check, removal and installation of the vacuum amplifier of brakes
6.11. Replacement of front brake shoes, removal, dismantling and installation of a forward support
6.12. Replacement of back brake shoes, removal, dismantling and installation of a back support
6.13. Dismantling, check and assembly of the brake mechanism of the parking brake
6.14. Removal and installation of the sensor of speed of rotation of a forward wheel
6.15. Removal and installation of the modulator of pressure
6.16. Removal and installation of a pedal of a brake
6.16.1. Removal
6.16.2. Check after removal
6.16.3. Installation
6.17. Tables
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Schemes of electric equipment



6.16.2. Check after removal

Check a brake pedal. Be convinced of lack of deformation of a finger of an earring, cracks in places of welding, cracks or deformation on an earring finger stopper.

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6.16.1. Removal
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6.16.3. Installation