Tayota Kamri's repair since 2001
1. Operation manual and to maintenance of the car
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
8.1. General information
8.2. Features of a design of a body of the Camry car
8.3. Adjustment of hinged components of a body
8.4. Removal of hinged components and decorative overlays of a body
8.5. Glasses
8.5.1. Removal and installation of a windshield Removal Installation
8.6. Headlights
8.7. Screen wipers
8.8. Conditioner and heater
8.9. Tables
9. Schemes of electric equipment


8-5-1-2-ustanovka.html Installation

Fig. 8.55. Laying of a sealant and installation of stoppers

Arrange a sealant on an adhesive tape and establish the top stoppers, as shown in the figure 8.55.
And – 7 mm.
In – 40 mm.

Fig. 8.56. Installation of the lower clamps of glass

Establish the lower clamps of glass, as shown in the figure 8.56.

Fig. 8.57. The scheme of laying of soil on the contact surface of glass

By means of a brush or the pallet cover an edge and the contact surface of glass with primer of "G", as shown in the figure 8.57.
a – 7 mm.
b – 35 mm.

Fig. 8.58. Alignment of the glue which remained on a body

Knife level the glue layer which remained on a body be attentive, do not damage a paint and varnish covering of a body (fig. 8.58).
Clear a cut surface solvent.

When cleaning try not to damage the painted body surface.

Temporarily establish glass into place.
Make sure that the surface of contact of glass absolutely equal and does not concern the lower brackets.
Apply combination tags on glass and a body.
Remove glass.

Fig. 8.59. The scheme of laying of soil on a contact surface of a body

Using the syringe, apply glue on all contact surfaces of glass along a ledge, as shown in the figure 8.59.
Sealant layer thickness in sections in the drawing:
a – 8 mm;
b – 12 mm.
Establish glass.
Arrange glass according to tags of combination and carefully press it along a rim.
Apply with the pallet glue on a glass edge.
Remove excess of glue with the pallet.
Strong press glass that it kept on glue.
After a while after material hardening, check tightness of connection.
Eliminate connection thinnesses with sealant for automobile glasses.
Apply glue and establish top and side moldings of a windshield.

Fig. 8.60. An installation site of an adhesive tape on the rain sensor

Remove an old adhesive tape from the sensor of a rain and establish new on the place designated by shading in the figure 8.60.
Install the rain sensor.
Establish a protective apron of a cowl and a drain trench.
Install other components as it should be, the return to removal.

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8.6. Headlights